About Barbara

"I’ve never told it - my idea of fortune."

© fotorika; RIKA-BUSCH-FOTOGRAFIE 2012/13
© fotorika; RIKA-BUSCH-FOTOGRAFIE 2012/13

Barbara Prakopenka is an German actress of Belarus descent. 

She was born on 29. April 1992 in Gomel. With two years Barbara and her family moved to Germany, where she still lives. 

Prakopenka is best known for her role as „Kira Beckmann“ in the german daily soap opera „Unter Uns“ (Among Us). She left the cast in the autumn of 2014, about 2 years after her first appearance on the 24.08.2012.

Barbara is currently living in Berlin. 

Height: 160 cm or 5’3“ 

                                                                                                                                                                           Eye color: slate blue

Hair color: brown

Languages: German, Russian (native language), English (well)

Residence: Berlin

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